Core Phonics (30 Minute) Learning Routine Plan and Resources
I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project

Book SSP Code Mapping 'Getting Started' training to truly understand and effectively implement the Orange Level (Phase 1) 
This is possibly the most important element, as this is when your 'at risk' students are identified, and phonemic awareness deficits addressed, monitored and overcome within the first 5 weeks of reception. Training is 4 hours long and suitable for parents and carers.

Online Training Available Here. 

ICRWY refers to our early years  'I Can Read Without You' Project - Reading for Pleasure by 6!


Please track phonemic awareness development to offer an early intervention and avoid difficulties
Join the free support groups and connect with others who are already doing this and achieving outstanding outcomes. 

Phase 2
Speedy Solo, Paired or Group Code Mapping with Code Level texts.
5 - 10 mins
Code Level tech lesson. 

Sound Pic (Grapheme) Recognition
Blending of Sound Pics at Code Level
Code Level Sentences (target graphemes
and minimal high frequency words) 

5 - 8
Coding Poster at their Code Level (transitioning up)

* Phonemic awareness
*Sound Pic (Grapheme) Recognition
*Blending of Sound Pics at Code Level
*Phonics Chants
*High Frequency Words
*Code Level Sentences (target graphemes
and minimal high frequency words) 

10 - 15 mins
The Code Phonics Learning Routine ensures that children have the phonics skills needed to pass the phonics screener before the end of year 1. These are the foundational skills needed to learn to read and spell.
What is unique is the way in which children are allowed to learn - at their pace.   

The basic phonics teaching routine is shown on this page.

If you follow this over 80% will be able to pass the UK phonics screener by the end of the reception year. Around 5% will have already been identified as having specific learning challenges, with an intervention plan in place.

The school login for tech lessons - 1 login needed, share with all ipads - will really help schools organise this activity, and not be blocked by education depts (as videos are hosted by us, not vimeo) Parents can use the SSP Monster Mapping app at home to access the same tech lessons. Also use the new SSP Spelling Piano app! Other ways in which we use tech are shown here    

You do need the training to understand Phase 1 - which may only last a week, but sets the kids up to develop the phonemic awareness skills needed (dyslexic students need this straight away, not when they are struggling because of these deficits - that no-one picked up on)

So for the basics you need training, the Monster Kit Handbook (Phase 1) School Licence for Tech Lessons, SSP Spelling Piano app, SSP Monster Mapping app and a Coding Poster per child.

As we actually aren't just teaching phonics in isolation you need

Spelling Clouds to build the Spelling (Speech to Print) Wall

Every child reading for pleasure by 6

Why are we doing this?