Miss Emma talks about Belonging
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Team work makes the dream work.

I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project

SSP Code Mapping® was developed as a way for Miss Emma to share her approach to teaching students (of any age) pretty much anything! It is a way to teach children to read and spell using a multisensory, fun and collaborative approach that excites and engages not only the students but the adults around them! Learning to read for pleasure (not a level) is at the heart of everything we do. What is the PURPOSE of our activities? They are to help students learn how to learn independently and confidently and to build emotional resilience. We want children to be articulate, to read for PLEASURE and to be CURIOUS about the world in which we all belong.
To do this, every child needs to be in a positive and supportive learning environment in which they are being taught as if everything is about them; as if their individual needs are at the very top of our list of priorities and as if we have the highest expectations for them. They need to be constantly challenged, experiencing success, and intrinsically motivated to be THEIR best self. Every child, every adults 'belongs'.
Team work makes the dream work!

So whether non-verbal, introverted, neurodivergent, neurotypical...every child's needs are met. This means that the way we TEACH needs to change, to align with the way they LEARN best. Miss Emma will show you how to make this a reality, and not just an ideal or dream ...or wording in a policy document. 
And along the way she hopes to meet the needs of adults who work so tirelessly to help children.
We need to help and support them too.  


Taking pictures of speech sounds together. Exploring the spoken and written code as a Code Mapping family.
Working collaboratively - outside whenever possible!


Creating a culture of family 'reading-together' time, when the focus is on reading for pleasure.