Speech Sound Monsters
Phonetic Symbols for Kids

The Speech Sound Monsters enable children to learn to read and spell before they even start school!

Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach - Phonetic Symbols for Kids - Integrated (Embedded) Speech SoundPictograph Mnemonics

Because the words are Code Mapped and Monster Mapped with the Speech Sound Monsters (Speech SoundPictographs) Spencer can figure out the words, and also question the phonetic symbols for kids - eg whether the second e in the word elephant is a Schwa or not. 



Spencer is now reading at the SSP Yellow Code level (see him decoding a Dandelion reader below) and reading at around a PM 10 - 12 (see him reading The Green Pirate, previously unseen) We have shown, through data, how the decodable readers and 'guided reading' type readers (levelled readers) align - and complement each other!- when using this approach. 
His spelling skills are advanced - here he is figuring out which phoneme th graphem 'u' represents - and checks with the IPA. Spencer starts school in Queensland in 2022. 


Using Miss Emma's Speech Sound Monsters to teach 'speech to print' (linguistic) phonics. Children are able to reach the 'self-teaching phase' far more quickly and easily and tackle ANY words. 

The ICRWY Project lessons are being added to the SSP Monster Mapping app - everything is online! Lessons, e-readers (Code level and Non Code Level readers) and more. Access globally. Ideal for parents who want to offer their child an early intervention, and protect them from becoming instructional casualties if attending a school not using our SSP Code Mapping 'visual and linguistic phonics' program.

Ask your school how they are going to map your child's name, to get an idea of how well they will
meet your child's literacy needs - especially if it has a schwa sound in it...

Maya, Jessica, Jenson, Lara, Tyler...    

I Can Read Without You app lessons

SSP Monster Mapping app for Parents. Scroll down to the ICRWY Project Lessons. 

New lessons are being added daily - follow them with your child to understand why children learn to read and spell so quickly using my resources and strategies! Perfect for children aged 3+ but also follow ICRWY for Toddlers and you can start even earlier!


SSP Monster Mapping app AU$20

Apple https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/ssp-monster-mapping/id1222573165

Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.sspdailycodemapping

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